Friday, November 16, 2012

Jesus is Coming Soon!!!

Will you go with Him?
Candace Mommie

Thanksgiving Subway Art

Check out the gals at and the link to the above Thanksgiving subway art.

They have some other cute Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas as well.
Fall Blessings!
Candace Mommie

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Give Thanks

Give thanks with a grateful heart.

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High. Psalm 7:17
Check out Alana at and her link to Ruth's scripture readings for Thanksgiving.

Have fun getting ready for Thanksgiving.
Don't forget to prepare your heart.
Candace Mommie

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to school - back to reality

Things have been a whirlwind here since school started over a month ago. 

Jamielyn at has some great back to school ideas - late yes, but there has to be some ideas you can use. Really like the cute clipboards, ruler wreath, and all the neat print ables.

This is my done list:
  •  tidying, laundry, and reclaiming the computer desk. I almost conquered it two weeks ago, but then life happened again . . .

  • organization in the pantry, a linen closet, and a small storage closet used for other miscellaneous items like fabric storage

  • shopping my house for items to be used in a different way or place 

  • made valances for our kitchen with fabric purchased at Hobby Lobby 4-6 years ago - may reveal in a later post.

  • gathered and tagged items for fall consignment sale

Southern Cal Boy is on a roll. He repaired the light switch in the upstairs hall and installed new bamboo roman shades in the living room.

Stay tuned.
The Jedi Training Camp details are still coming.
Happy Fall,
Candace Mommie

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amazing Grace

I have several posts I haven't posted because of  school starting and busyness - getting back into a routine. Haven't posted because I wanted to take photos with the posts. But this is just stuff. One day it will all be gone.

Instead I'm posting this now. Jesus loves you. He died for your sins. And Jesus is coming back.

In these uncertain times there is hope and peace for you. It only comes from the Lord Jesus. He's coming back and soon. If you don't know Him you can. If you don't know Him you will be left behind.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever (that's you) believes on His name should not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

If you don't know Jesus as your Saviour you can.

The ABC's of becoming a Christian are:

Admit to God that you are a sinner. That you are sorry for your sins and turn away from your sin.

Believe that Jesus died for your sins and that he is God's son and that He paid for the penalty of your sins.

Confess your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

If you didn't know Jesus before I pray that you do now.

If you asked Jesus into your heart tell others.

Candace Mommie

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank You Sandy Bradshaw & Those on Flight 923

 Sandy Bradshaw and I rode the same bus from the time I was in the seventh grade until about the time one stops riding the bus in high school. She was one grade a head of me. I remember her always being nice and always having a big smile.  
After September 11, 2001  hardly a day went by for years that I didn't think of her and her family, at least several times a week.
When I watch those specials on televsion about it I still cry.
523 NYC firefighters and paramedics lost their lives by respoding on that tragic day. Do something nice for someone today. Deliver cookies to your local fire department - we are. Visit a shut-in. Volunteer at your church. Tell your child's teacher "thank you".
Be kinder to everybody today.
We're all Americans.
Let freedom ring.
Please God, bless America.
Candace Mommie

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In a mommie's mind far, far away ...

Blackberry Lilly from my garden
So we had a party this past Saturday. Much preparation of which I will share in the coming days. For now we are enjoying the last day of summer break. That's why I haven't been here lately.

So hang on.

Way before school was out I was thinking of things for us to do this summer as a family. Star Wars movie day was one that I thought Wonder Boy and Southern Cal Boy would enjoy way more than me.

After our Disney trip this spring, another story for another time, the Jedi Training camp had been implanted in my brain and kept popping up again.

So the movie day became the spring board for Jedi Training camp for Wonder Boy and his friends while letting Southern Cal Boy have fun as well.

I craft magic. It's my job. It's what I do. While everyone else is out working the daily grind and getting paid I'm here doing research and making magic happen for the minds of little kids everywhere. And big kids.

So stay tuned. I promise, in the coming days I'll share photos of items we crafted for the cause and links to ideas you can use for your own young Padawans Jedi experience.

Happy Summer!
Candace Mommie
(not wanting school to start so soon)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fresh Seafood - Don't forget!

It's not too late to enjoy some good fresh seafood.

On the way home from OBX we traveled the road less taken to the small fishing town of Wanchese where fisherman are able to catch and ship fresh seafood all over the world.

We enjoyed some great seafood at the Fisherman's Wharf in the industrial park area and right on the water. Beautiful view of the water from the dining area.

Haven't been in many waterfront seafood restaurants in years, so it was great and brought back lots of memories of summers spent on the Atlantic Coast and our seafood night at the beach.

I enjoyed the fried sea scallops and shrimp. Um-um!

Southern Cal Boy's stomach had been bothering him so he declined fried and got their Cowboy steak. He shared some with me and it was as delicious as the seafood. It was a steak that would have made Robert Mitchum proud. The link is for you who are too young to know. In the words of Hoops and Yo-yo "He's (was) a tall glass of eggnog." Sit down George Clooney!


Candace Mommie
with an attitude

Stay tuned for ramblings on our Jedi Training Camp.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OBX - I Spy Wonders

No telling what you'll see while visiting the OBX.

Whether it's on the beach, 
in an ice cream shop,

or in the sky.

Surprises are everywhere just waiting to be found.

Just a few sites we spyed while enjoying our last get away for the summer.

Next time some fresh seafood.

Don't forget! Friends don't let friends eat farmed fish.

Happy Summer!
Candace Mommie

Sunday, August 12, 2012

100 NC Icons

From Jockey's Ridge

These are just a few of my favorite things. Not all, but some. Can't believe I have left out Texas Pete from my food rants.

Looks like they left the Old Well off but they included Duke Chapel. Must be Duke fans. I want equal time!

Southern Cal Boy & Candace Mommie at Biltmore

Hold it! I don't see Cheerwine on the list either, do you?
Oh, wait it's number 3. That's more like it.
OBX Ponies

They left off William Friday. He's out lived Andy. Why didn't they include him?

Gardens at Biltmore

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dinner on the Patio

Here's something to serve with your tomatoes from the other day for a fast, easy, and light dinner.

Feta cheese with some Italian herb mix sprinkled on it. See my Father's Day gift posts for the recipe. Salami, deli quality please. Got this at Target in the grocery area. The little red and yellow peppers came from there as well. Add some pickled pepperoncinis, olives of your liking and some delicious bread and butter pickles if you have them. My Mawmaw use to make the best. These are the ones we have now.

I had to take the photo at this angle.
Bigger than life.
Just like Dukes mayonnaise, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and Cheerwine. Enough said.

The last thing is a big, crusty baguette or loaf of ciabatta. Sam's has a bag of ciabatta rolls that are under $4.00 for a fair amount.

That's a great meal for Southern Cal Boy and I on a Friday when Wonder Boy is at Nana and Grandaddy's.

Hope you have enjoyed your summer and the posts so far.
Let me know if you have.

Have a great weekend.

Candace Mommie

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Homegrown Tomatoes

Delicious for summer time.

Fresh slice tomatoes, preferably German Johnson tomatoes. Slice up some fresh mozzarella that comes in the big hunk or circle, not the rectangles. Some fresh ground pepper, fresh chopped basil, a little drizzle of olive oil and you are good to go!


Next time, something to go with this for your patio party even if it's just you.

Happy Summer.

Candace Mommie

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gardening Tricks on the Cheap

Check out these great gardening tricks. A couple of these I already do. My roses love coffee grounds.

And marigolds! They are the best. They bloom until the first frost. Let the seed heads dry on a paper towel and then put them in an envelope or small paper bag shut with a clothespin and you are ready to plant in the spring. Just tear the flower head apart to separate the seeds. I have been fortunate enough in the past that if I leave the whole plant in the garden until spring or just before, some of the seed heads not eaten by birds will self sow. This year I didn't have as many but I still had marigolds coming up by themselves around the garden.

Another tip for plant markers is one I read about in a garden magazine or somewhere years ago. Use plastic knives (from take-out) or buy a box. White or any color you like and use a permanent marker to write the name of the flower, herb, or vegetable you are planting.

Happy Gardening!

Candace Mommie

Monday, August 6, 2012

Operation Christmas Child Registration Begins Today

Today's the day.

Just do it.

Make the call  800-442-9120  to volunteer.

Or pack a shoebox.

Have a good one.

Candace Mommie

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Operation Christmas Child

Registration for Samiritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child begins Monday, August 6, 2012. If you can help link to their website for contact information. Share the gospel and good news and love of Jesus Christ and the gift of Christmas with a child. This type of investment is the kind to make.

Call a volunteer scheduler at 800-442-9120 on or after Monday, August 6th at 8 a.m. EDT. You may have to wait to have your call answered. Spots fill up quickly for reserved days to go and work  because there are many who know this is such a worthy cause.

I've volunteered 3 times at a warehouse and it is an awesome experience. You will not be sorry.

If you can't do that please pack a box and take it to a local drop-off point for their 2012 season. Bless your heart and someone else's this year.

Candace Mommie