Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank You Sandy Bradshaw & Those on Flight 923

 Sandy Bradshaw and I rode the same bus from the time I was in the seventh grade until about the time one stops riding the bus in high school. She was one grade a head of me. I remember her always being nice and always having a big smile.  
After September 11, 2001  hardly a day went by for years that I didn't think of her and her family, at least several times a week.
When I watch those specials on televsion about it I still cry.
523 NYC firefighters and paramedics lost their lives by respoding on that tragic day. Do something nice for someone today. Deliver cookies to your local fire department - we are. Visit a shut-in. Volunteer at your church. Tell your child's teacher "thank you".
Be kinder to everybody today.
We're all Americans.
Let freedom ring.
Please God, bless America.
Candace Mommie

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