Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In a mommie's mind far, far away ...

Blackberry Lilly from my garden
So we had a party this past Saturday. Much preparation of which I will share in the coming days. For now we are enjoying the last day of summer break. That's why I haven't been here lately.

So hang on.

Way before school was out I was thinking of things for us to do this summer as a family. Star Wars movie day was one that I thought Wonder Boy and Southern Cal Boy would enjoy way more than me.

After our Disney trip this spring, another story for another time, the Jedi Training camp had been implanted in my brain and kept popping up again.

So the movie day became the spring board for Jedi Training camp for Wonder Boy and his friends while letting Southern Cal Boy have fun as well.

I craft magic. It's my job. It's what I do. While everyone else is out working the daily grind and getting paid I'm here doing research and making magic happen for the minds of little kids everywhere. And big kids.

So stay tuned. I promise, in the coming days I'll share photos of items we crafted for the cause and links to ideas you can use for your own young Padawans Jedi experience.

Happy Summer!
Candace Mommie
(not wanting school to start so soon)

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