Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fresh Seafood - Don't forget!

It's not too late to enjoy some good fresh seafood.

On the way home from OBX we traveled the road less taken to the small fishing town of Wanchese where fisherman are able to catch and ship fresh seafood all over the world.

We enjoyed some great seafood at the Fisherman's Wharf in the industrial park area and right on the water. Beautiful view of the water from the dining area.

Haven't been in many waterfront seafood restaurants in years, so it was great and brought back lots of memories of summers spent on the Atlantic Coast and our seafood night at the beach.

I enjoyed the fried sea scallops and shrimp. Um-um!

Southern Cal Boy's stomach had been bothering him so he declined fried and got their Cowboy steak. He shared some with me and it was as delicious as the seafood. It was a steak that would have made Robert Mitchum proud. The link is for you who are too young to know. In the words of Hoops and Yo-yo "He's (was) a tall glass of eggnog." Sit down George Clooney!


Candace Mommie
with an attitude

Stay tuned for ramblings on our Jedi Training Camp.

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